Addiction is a complex issue that affects us all. There are many types of scientifically recognized addictions, both substance-related (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, opioids) and behavioral (e.g., gambling, food, social media). Addiction is not a formal diagnosis, but rather, reflects a state in which the brain’s normal function is altered such that a person continues to engage in a behavior despite harmful consequences. Below are some facts, figures, and resources to help you better understand addiction.

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40.3 million People in the United States had a substance use disorder in 20201
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96,000+ People die from a drug overdose each year2
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90% Of those with an addiction, began drinking, smoking or using illicit drugs before the age of 183
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17.9 Million Adults have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders4
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1 in 10 Americans report having resolved a significant substance use problem5
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28.8 Million Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime6

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