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The RARC Philosophy

At the RARC we understand that addiction affects all of us, and we believe that it is only by working together that we can tackle this complex societal problem. 1 in 4 individuals struggles with an addiction at some point in their lives, whether it’s alcohol, smoking, opioids or other drugs, gambling, eating disorders, or other addictions. Addiction destroys families and communities and costs our economy billions annually. Together, we can beat the addiction epidemic, save lives, strengthen families, and support communities.

Your gift makes this lifesaving work possible,
by contributing to:

  • Ground-breaking research

    The Rutgers Addiction Research Center is the only comprehensive addiction research center in New Jersey. It brings together award-winning, internationally renowned researchers who are making ground-breaking discoveries about the brain science that underlies addiction, and how to harness this knowledge to develop more effective prevention, intervention, treatment, and public policy.

  • Preventing the development of problems in our children

    We want to ensure the next generation has access to the support they need to live fulfilling, healthy lives. Through our programming and research aimed at preventing addiction, we support education surrounding the causes of addiction, who is at risk, and how to recognize and prevent problems before they start.

  • Delivering effective treatment and recovery support for those in need

    Navigating the medical establishment to connect to treatment can be one of the most challenging aspects of getting help. At the RARC we help individuals and families who are struggling find the help they need. Further, by connecting our research and clinical services, we want to ensure everyone seeking treatment for addiction has access to effective, scientifically-backed treatment.

  • Supporting families

    At the RARC we understand the helpless, and sometimes hopeless, feelings that can accompany watching a loved one struggle with addiction. We support families with educational resources and programming so that they have access to the most up to date information on addiction.

  • Educating the community

    Many individuals with substance use disorders and other behavioral addictions (like gambling or binge eating) struggle in silence. Stigma and the fear of judgment keep individuals from seeking the help they need. Through the creation of educational resources and community programs, we raise awareness about the causes and consequences of addiction, in an effort to de-stigmatize these debilitating disorders and connect individuals and families to clinical services.

Through a gift to the RARC, you can be a part of our ultimate mission: ensuring that no family has to experience the heartbreak of losing a child to addiction. You also become a part of our community. Donors receive access to newsletters about RARC programming, addiction-related events, and the latest research findings; regular blogs with information about addiction; and invitations to RARC events, including events organized specifically for RARC donors. We hope you will consider joining our community of supporters.

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