Young Investigator Award & Innovation Award

Cure Addiction Now is an association that is dedicated to the understanding, treatment and ultimate cure of “drug addiction”, scientifically known as substance use disorder (SUD) while simultaneously addressing the importance of mental health as an integral part of the solution. Funding cutting edge research and its clinical translation through a collaborative program is the core focus of the foundation.

Young Investigator Award

This is a two-year award with the second-year installment conditional to providing a progress
report at year 1 ($75,000 per year).

Candidate criteria:
• Promising junior faculty within 2 years of fellowship completion (MD or PhD) with
commitment to addiction research.
• Strong institutional commitment.
• Fellows may apply for the grant during their final year of fellowship. With approval of the SAB,
funds would be released once the fellow receives a suitable faculty appointment with
sufficient protected research time and start-up resources from the home institution. The
faculty institution need not be the same as the fellowship institution.
• Only those applications scored above the funding level by the SAB will be funded.

For more information and proposal guideline:

Innovation Award

Innovation award applications should propose novel directions of research. These applications if
funded should allow acquisition of preliminary data for subsequent research applications to NIH or
NMSS or other funding entities. Innovation awards should not be ancillary studies or used towards
supplementation of ongoing studies. Request for a second year of funding for prior funded Innovation Award may be considered by SAB if there is a solid reason and will also require a 2 page proposal. Request for a second year of funding should include a new study aim.

For more information and proposal guideline: