RARC Welcomes New Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in RWJMS, Dr. Jill Rabinowitz, PhD

Rutgers Addiction Research Center in the Brain Health Institute is incredibly excited to welcome new hire and core member Dr. Jill Rabinowitz. Starting September 1, 2023, Dr. Rabinowitz will assume the position of Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. 

Dr. Rabinowitz will conduct scientific research focused on the identification of early environmental and behavioral antecedents of adolescent and young adult substance use, advancing the development of novel substance use prevention programs during sensitive developmental windows, augmenting the treatment outcomes among individuals in recovery for substance use disorders, and will conduct genomics research in diverse, underrepresented populations.

Dr. Jill Rabinowitz received her PhD in psychology at Temple University. Dr. Rabinowitz is currently an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Mental Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research largely spans the substance use continuum and ranges from preventing substance use initiation to improving treatment engagement, retention, and care of individuals in substance use disorder recovery. Most of her career thus far has been dedicated to identifying the individual and joint contributions of social determinants and individual characteristics (e.g., behavioral phenotypes, genetic predispositions) that may influence the developmental course of substance use, particularly among at-risk populations (e.g., lower income, urban youth). Dr. Rabinowitz is also heavily invested in improving the clinical care and treatment outcomes of individuals in substance use disorder recovery. This research includes secondary analysis of “big data” and prospective fine-grained data collection efforts (e.g., ecological momentary assessments and wearable technologies) at local non-profit treatment centers in Maryland.