RARC Researcher, Dr. Sartor, Recieves New NIMHD R21 Grant

Congratulations to RARC Researcher, Dr. Carolyn Sartor, on her new R21 award from National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD):

Ecological Momentary Assessment of Racial Microaggressions and Alcohol Use in African American Young Adults
$229,680 annually
African American adults are disproportionately exposed to alcohol-related risk factors and experience high levels of alcohol-related illness, injuries, and negative social consequences, making the identification of prevention and intervention targets for this population a crucial public health aim. Racial discrimination has been linked to problem drinking among African Americans, but the impact of everyday race-related discriminatory events, known as racial microaggressions, and possible buffers against their effects on day-to- day drinking behaviors have yet to be identified. This project implements an ecological momentary assessment (EMA) to track race-related microaggression experiences and drinking behaviors in real time among African American adults in the peak period of risk for problem drinking (ages 18-25) to evaluate associations between racial microaggressions and alcohol use in this high-risk group.