RARC Program Assistant (Per Diem)

Under direction, the part-time Program Assistant assists with the development, implementation and monitoring of programs within Dr. Danielle Dick’s laboratory within the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Department of Psychiatry and the Rutgers Addiction Research Center. Dr. Dick’s program of research explores how genetic and environmental influences contribute to patterns of substance use and related behaviors, and how we can use that information to inform prevention and intervention. Dr. Dick recently launched the Rutgers Addiction Research Center (RARC) to bring together Rutgers researchers, clinicians, and community members to tackle addiction through building collaborative partnerships among these groups, offering training opportunities, and growing the field of addiction research at Rutgers.

The Program Assistant will provide administrative and program support to the Principal Investigator, faculty, and other professional staff. This position assists in clerical work, procurement, planning and support of program activities, and the coordination of office operations.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Provides administrative, analytical, computing and staff support for the Principal Investigator and Program Manager.
  • Prepares and/or compiles data for comprehensive reports and analyses, presentations, monthly activity reports, program evaluations and official correspondence. Responds to inquiries as directed and distributes informational materials according to University policy and practice.
  • Makes appointments and schedules meetings.
  • Identifies vendors for technical services, furniture, equipment and supplies. Researches major purchases, makes recommendations for purchase of business machines, telecommunication equipment and maintenance contracts, and other office supplies. Oversees payment for office, travel and meeting expenses.
  • Implements administrative decisions and maintains essential records of program and related committee activities, including the following administrative documents for the Director: CV, EndNote library, publication reprints. Undertakes routine writing and editing assignments; generates correspondence for signature; maintains mailing lists.
  • Evaluates office procedures, establishes standards, and recommends and implements new or modified procedures as needed.

Salary: $25/hr

Job Location: UBHC Building, Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ

Hours per week: The Program Assistant will work directly with the Program Manager to determine their schedule. Hours will vary each week according to workload, with a likely average of ~10 hours/week. Hours may increase over time as required by program growth.

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