2023 NJ ACTS Fellowship

The NJ ACTS Fellowship program RFA for 2023-2024 has just been released and provides a unique opportunity for current predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows to obtain broader understanding, enhanced skills, experiential learning opportunities in translational clinical science over a 2–3-year period, concurrent to their current pre- or postdoctoral research program. It includes one year of support as well as dedicated travel and research funding for translational science-related learning. 

For the 2023-2024 TL1 cohort, 3 predoctoral and 3 postdoctoral fellowship slots are available.  

Required online intention to apply to the program is due March 22 and applications are due April 14, 2023.

All details including applicant eligibility, award provisions, program requirements and benefits are on the NJ ACTS fellowship program’s website

Program information 

This program equips its Fellows with enhanced knowledge, skills, and abilities that provide a broad introduction to clinical and translational research concurrent with their current pre- or postdoctoral research program. The goal of the fellowship is to enhance career development beyond that encountered in traditional pre-and postdoctoral programs by focusing on the knowledge and expertise needed to conduct translational team research across disciplines.  Fellows will gain a broader understanding of challenges and opportunities in translational science as well as a deeper knowledge of the extensive research, professional, and technical resources within NJ ACTS and the national CTSA consortium designed to support and further their professional learning. 

We would be more than happy for a few minutes about the program at any upcoming meeting in the next few weeks to answer any questions about the program and application process – just contact us @